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Signs You’re On the Path To Success

In the long journey towards entrepreneurship, it can sometimes be hard to figure out whether or not your idea and how you execute it is going to be successful.  Yet there are some signs you can look for.  Here are some, based off of an article I found on

You’re excited about your business: Those who start a business for the money or to please friends will most likely burn out or fall flat.  The concept behind your business should be exciting from the start to the finish.  When you talk about it Path towards successobsessively with your friends, can’t wait to get to work in the morning or even feel particularly excited about accomplishing a minor business-related task, you know you’re excited about your company.

People are talking: If you have a good core idea that’s marketed well, then people will talk about it.  Check out the conversations circulating social media – you’re doing pretty well if it doesn’t take hundreds of social media posts per week to get people talking.

Your net income makes overhead costs look reasonable: When you first start out, shelling out the money for things like web domains, logo design and other startup costs can get painful.  It often takes 12 to 36 months for businesses to be qutie profitable, but you’re on the right track if you’re drawing in disposable income before or at that stage.

You’re willing and able to adapt: Successful entrepreneurs understand that the business world is fluid, just like the fields in which their products are services are encapsulated.  Any business, regardless of its size, will have to change along with the times.

You welcome criticism: No entrepreneur can grow and enhance their business without learning how to learn from it.  Feedback often comes in unpleasant forms, but many times it reveals areas for improvement.  If you can receive criticism and turn it into positive change, it will give you a natural edge.  Develop a thick skin and learn from those opinions that offer valuable tips on polishing your business.

You learn from your mistakes: Making mistakes doesn’t mean you won’t be successful, but you won’t be if you can’t learn from them.  A good entrepreneur will view mistakes as lessons in disguise.  You might not have time to make every mistake, so also be sure to learn from the mistakes of those around you.

You’re grateful for what you have but still want to get more: If you can’t be grateful for what you already have, then you’ll never be satisfied with your progress.  During the startup process, make sure that you differentiate resources you already have from those you need to acquire.  Perform brief check-ins with yourself or your team every six months or so, so you can pay close attention to your successes.

You have no regrets: Entrepreneurs should know that this is a business with its ups and downs.  You’ll be more inclined to reap benefits if you can recognize that even through the hardships from starting a business, you don’t regret stepping foot into this field of business.  Those who are meant to be entrepreneurs love the hard work they put into their business regardless of the results.

Dangerous Bacteria in Sarasota

So far this month, there have been two cases in Sarasota County of a serious marine bacterial infection.  Local health officials have warned the public against eating raw oysters and exposing open flesh wounds to coastal and inland waters.  This especially goes for those with chronic diseases that make them more vulnerable to the infection.  Of the 11 cases reported statewide in 2014, both people from Sarasota County were middle-aged and had “medically compromising” conditions, and are believed to have contracted the infection when bacteria entered an open wound.  There have also been two cases reported this year in Charlotte county.  Back in 2013, there were 41 cases in Florida.  The bacteria, the Vibrio vulnificus, occurs naturally in coastal waters.  Symptoms include stomach illness, fever or shock after eating raw seafood or a wound infection after exposure to seawater.  According to Michael Drennon, an epidemiologist for Sarasota County, this year doesn’t seem to be any worse or better than any other in terms of the bacteria’s prominence.


In order to avoid the bacteria, scientists recommend that people avoid raw seafood.

The main misunderstanding about this infection is that everybody’s at risk, and nobody should go into the water.  However, you’re only at risk if you have compromising factors, such as flesh wounds.  Swallowing water while swimming isn’t a danger, since the gastrointestinal form of the infection can only be contracted by eating raw or uncooked fish.  However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful.  Severe infections have a 50 percent chance to turning fatal.  Swelling, pain or redness at the site of a puncture would could signal the need for immediate medical attention.

While Gulf waters in beach areas are tested for bacteria, there is no testing for V. vulnificus.  Even legally harvested oysters can be contaminated, since the bacterium is naturally present in marine environments.  The appearance, taste or odor of oysters are no indication that they are safe to eat.   The media is referring to the bacteria s “flesh-eating”, making people a lot more aware of the threat that this disease could hold.  Scientists don’t really like the term, but are aware of its effectiveness.

Game of Thrones Helps Northern Ireland

Everybody has been talking about HBO’s show “Game of Thrones” (GoT).  The recent season 4 finale was watched by over 7.09 million people, making it the most-watched show on HBO since “The Sopranos” back in 2007.  However, the numbers are likely higher, since this number doesn’t take into account the many people who streamed the show online.  Much of the show (around 75%) is filmed in Northern Ireland, either in the Titanic Studios in Belfast or the many castles and natural settings that dot the country’s landscape.  Since the early 17th century, Northern Ireland has been infamous as a center for conflict between Catholics and Protestants.  Although this conflict has died down, Northern Ireland’s grisly reputation hasn’t made it a popular tourist destination.  However, thanks to GoT, Northern Ireland has been experiencing an economic boost, as tourists from around the world are eager to see the various filming locations, such as the castle of Winterfell, the seaside cliffs of the Iron Islands and the King’s Road.

Iron Islands

The Iron Islands, home to a kingdom of hardened sailors, are filmed in Northern Ireland.

The presence of GoT has helped foster a Northern Irish film industry, which is starting to catch the eye of other Hollywood productions.  And Northern Ireland has started to promote the various filming locations as popular tourist destinations.  Today, Queen Elizabeth will be touring the studio sets, but she’s not the only one.  People from as far away as Arkansas have gone to visit.  For Northern Ireland’s tourism industry, this represents a huge pool of potential visitors.  They hope that the show’s popularity will help to increase the number of tourists to over 2 million annually by 2016.  Coach operators have created “Game of Thrones” tours, demand for which has gone through the roof as the show reached its season 4 finale.

Besides tourism, the direct employment of local workers has been essential for the development of the local economy.  By the end of the 4th season, HBO is estimated to have spent about $149.11 million in the local economy while making the show.  These benefits are probably much higher when you add in other factors, such as the knock-on benefits from higher employment.  Around the HBO facility and studios, there is a growing skills base that others can use.  Holywood, located near Belfast, is developing a movie-making reputation of its own after their local production facility, Yellow Moon, has enjoyed strong growth and doubled its workforce through involvement with “Game of Thrones”.  Five years ago, 80% of Yellow Moon’s work was for local broadcasters, while the other 20% was for UK-based productions.  The tables have since turned dramatically, as 70% of their work is commissioned outside of Northern Ireland, almost exclusively due to GoT.

One perfect example of the positive influence that GoT had on the creative population in Northern Ireland is Scott Ferguson.  Ferguson had ambitions to be a film editor, but his first experience in the industry failed to land him any more work, and so he took a job in a bank.  Five years ago, however, a government training scheme led to a placement at Yellow Moon, and he currently works as a colorist on the show and is on his way to becoming an expert in the field.  Ferguson feels good that people like him throughout Northern Ireland will no longer have to leave to seek work in film and TV.  Previously regarded as a dangerous backwater characterized by political violence and economic stagnation, Northern Ireland is quickly turning into a production hub.